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What is Happy Maths?
Happy Maths is a programme for primary schools to engage pupils with educational digital games for Maths. The aim is not only to increase pupils' maths performance, but specifically to use the power of games to engage disadvantaged pupils suffering from Maths Anxiety. The programme is delivered by the TU Dublin School of Computer Science.

How much is it?
The programme is totally free.

How long is the programme?
The programme consists of 6 sessions. Each session is 1 hour. It can be delivered over 6 weeks (one session per week) or 3 weeks (2 sessions per week).

Who is delivering the programme?
Each session is delivered by two members of our teams. Teachers are welcome to participate if they wish! Our members are all fully vaccinated against COVID19.
Happy Maths at
St. Anne primary school in Tallaght
Does the school need to have computer lab / tablets?
No, we bring our tablets. The school has only to provide access to a Wi-Fi network.

What classes is the programme designed for?
The best group age is 4th or 5th class. However, there is a version of the programme for 2nd to 6th class.

How many classes per school?
The more the better but we ask if it is possible to have at least 2 classes per school.

What games are used during the programme?
The programme is delivered using our own games. More info in our games section.

Are data collected anonymous?
Yes. Anonymous usernames will be assigned to each student and only the teacher will know the link between usernames and students’ identities. We will also use only aggregated data and never individual student data

What kind of data are collected?
We are collecting data about how children engage and perform with educational games considering their level of maths ability and anxiety. We collect data from game logs, such as performance in the game, time spent playing and so forth. We also collected the following information about each student:
  • Age
  • Student’s result in the Maths national Irish test (Sigma, Drumcondra or equivalent)
  • Gender
  • Level of Maths Anxiety, that we collect with a short 9-questions questionnaire that has been developed in the context of Pediatric Psychology.
  • Their familiarity with videogames (their favourite games and how often they played)

A copy of the questionnaire can be downloaded here:

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