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Seven Spells

Seven Spells is a digital card game designed to 10-13 years old players that stimulates mathematical skills and strategic thinking. The aim of the game is to capture other player’s number cards using maths abilities and score points. Every card has a special power and every card covers a Maths concept, such as decimals, fractions, and multiples. Seven Spells can cover more than 50 learning outcomes from the Irish Maths curriculum including arithmetic operations, numeric tables, and fractions.

Once Upon a Math

Once Upon a Math is an adventure video game with a narrative based on the History of Mathematics developed for 6-9 years old children. During the game, the player interacts with characters that participated in the development of Mathematics and is challenged to use maths knowledge to solve real-life problems. This approach, based on the theory of situated learning, gives meaning to Mathematics and leads the player to reflect about the relevance of Maths. The content of the game is aligned with the Irish Maths curriculum and the player can solve the challenges on his own path.

The Code of Kells

The Code of Kells is a collaborative mystery game where players should discover who stole the Book of Kells from the Trinity Library. To find the criminal, the students should walk around Dublin collecting clues. The clues are encrypted and hide riddles that reveal where players should go to find the next clue. The riddles are encrypted using cryptography techniques, such as the Caesar’s Cipher, Polybius Cipher and Pigpen Cipher.
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