Happy Maths kicks off 2024!

We are back! Happy Maths in action at St. Oliver Plunkett NS Malahide.

The Happy Maths project starts the new year with two new members and visiting 8 new schools.

We are thrilled to announce that the Happy Maths project has kicked off 2024 with some great news! We have welcomed two new members to our team: Ephrem Tibebe and Afroja Ahmed. Ephrem is a full-time PhD student at Technological University Dublin, focusing on Explainable Artificial Intelligence. Afroja is a research assistant at the University of Galway, and will help us in organising and delivering the project in Galway, expanding the Happy Maths project reach! You can read more about them on our Team page. We are also bringing our award-winning game ‘Seven Spells’ to 8 new primary schools and 22 new classes! Stay tuned for more updates on our website and social media!

Text author: André Almo

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